NJ Makers Day!

Make & Move Club has registered to participate in and help facilitate the annual NJ makers day for next year! The maker movement in the United States isn’t just a hobby; it’s having asignificant impact on school curriculum development and growing local economies. To celebratemaking and maker culture, residents throughout New Jersey will come together on Friday,March 18 and Saturday, March 19, 2016 in libraries, schools, museums, homes, and othercommunity locations.

NJ Makers Day is designed to be a statewide event that celebrates, promotes, and in many cases may introduce maker culture, as well as the values associated with making, tinkering and STEM-based learning. In 2015, the inaugural NJ Makers Day drew over 13,000 individual attendees to 130 participating sites across all 21 counties in the state.

Maker spaces across the state are having a significant impact on education and job skills development by providing access to people, information, resources, and tools that facilitate making to a wide variety of skill levels. NJ Makers Day allows communities to share hands-on programming opportunities, demonstrations and displays, and the expertise of the individuals and organizations that make, create, and develop right in their own backyards.

“We are ecstatic to be able to bring this type of programming to the Vineland community,” said Joshua Barreiro, Director of Make & Move Club. “We are committed to finding ways to help people to learn new skills and to work collaboratively on exciting hands-on projects.” Make & Move CLub is proud to be a participating in New Jersey Makers Day 2016! We are currently seeking partners and a location for the event. If interested please contact us

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