Below are some of the exciting programs that Make & Move Club offers that have been designed to be visual, auditory and kinetic in order to reach all learners.  While using hands on activities to explore the topics, students are encouraged to take ownership in exploring their interests through the framework provided.  We believe that play is such a vital part of learning that every program contains play elements woven into the fabric of the lessons.


This program focuses on basic physics topics including momentum, gravity, and gear ratios through hands on activities.  Students will complete multiple challenges and create their own simple machines.


This program emphasizes applications and problem solving, estimation, and conceptual understanding. Sessions are built around hands-on work, group activities, in-depth exploration, and interdisciplinary projects.


This program focuses on basic computer skills and computational thinking. Key goals of this program is to co-relate the teaching of programming languages to real-life examples, prepare youth for the next wave of computing, discuss the big picture and introduce systems thinking.


This program is designed to teach youth fundamental movement patterns along with giving youth the space and opportunity to create on their own.  


Provides open ended challenges to allow students to creatively solve a problem using provided resources.


Articles & Resources

This program is designed to teach and explain the benefits of developing healthy habits such as being active, goal setting, and making healthy food choices.