The word collaboratory was first coined in 1989 as a shortened blended word for "collaborative laboratory". It traditionally has been used to describe a location where scientific research is performed in a collaborative manner. Since then the definition has expanded to included other meanings. One of which is to describe an open space where a group of people - including  artists, scientists, students, educators, activists, etc -work together using creative processes to solve problems.

By fusing together two elements, "collaboration" (to work together) and "laboratory" (a place where theories, techniques, methods, and ideas are tested, analyzed, demonstrated, etc.) the Millville Collaboratory represents a space where people explore collaborative innovations with the goal of igniting collaborations within the community and propel young leadership forward. 

What is a Collaboratory


There are lots of ways to volunteer and help us out in our programs.  

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We invite all people interested in contributing to and using the Collaboratory to become a member. During our first year membership is limited and will be selected using a lottery system

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Social Rules

The main goal of the Collaboratory is to provide space and opportunity for people from all backgrounds and orientations to experiment, play, and create together.



A monthly family focused workshop designed around a particular activity for an evening of hands-on fun.

Family Make Night
Mommy & Me: Makers

Check out the space, work on projects, practice skills, and meet makers during open lab hours.  

This program is a with-caregiver program for young girls aged 7-10 years old. This is a introduction to robotics class designed to enhance curiosity and science skills. 

Open Labs

The Collaboratory is a member-supported space dedicated to fostering learning, creativity, productivity, and community through educational hands-on activities. Our programs encourage youth to play, think, make, tinker, and learn while exploring science, technology, engineering and the arts.

It is located in the lower level of the Creative Enterprise Center in downtown Millville and made possible thanks to a grant from Holly City Development Corporation. 

Teach a Workshop

Are you an engineer? Architect? Computer programmer? Sew costumes? Like to take stuff apart? If so, we'd love to talk with you!  

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